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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

FREE Minibook Download from Photoplay

  Hi friends!

I hope you are having a GREAT WEEK! I'm super excited to share this adorable, FREE project with you all!  Our friends over at Photoplay have shared the complete set of instructions to this precious mini album featuring their cute little frogs Fern and Willard! 

If you haven't snagged up this line...get it HERE in our online store!

AND...HERE is the link to the Blank Album!

But, how cute is this little album!  I love the bright colors and patterns and the general feeling of happiness that I am getting from this project!  

To get the full set of free instructions, follow this link right here!

I can't wait to see these cute minis that you all make! 



Thursday, January 21, 2021

EXCLUSIVE Ginger Ropp Virtual Class

 We have worked with top 5 YouTube blogger Ginger Ropp from My Sisters Scrapper to create an EXCLUSIVE gatefold folio album using Echo Park’s I Love Spring collection that you can only purchase from a handful of independent papercraft stores! We are so excited and pleased to tell you that the project can be viewed on Ginger’s YouTube channel, My Sisters Scrapper. Look for the Echo Park I Love Spring Gatefold Folio video. The class will be held ONLINE, so anyone, anywhere can participate with us!

You may now order your kit (first come, first serve…kits are limited!) from us, so order TODAY so you do not miss out!

The class will be held ONLINE on March 10th at 8 PM! Can’t tune in at that specific time? That is totally fine! You will be given an access code that you can use to watch the video anytime you choose! Kits will be available for pick-up in early February and can also be shipped if you are not local to our store. Plus, we are treating this like it was an in-store class, so you get 10% off your purchase when you pick up your kit (or have it shipped)! So, we hope you will join us for this fun project. Kits can be ordered in-store, online, or over the phone at 812-482-4949. Don’t delay and miss out!

*Shipping is extra. We only charge actual shipping costs and ship via USPS Priority.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Travel Cropping ....or.......how I go to a crop or retreat


Scrapping “TO GO”

Hey there DoodleBLOG friends! (all you cats and kittens).  Shawn here (yes, again).  As promised, I want to talk a little bit about scrapping away from home.

·         For some of you, this may be the only place and time you get to scrap, and you may be old pros.  Maybe you will find something good here anyway – or maybe not. 

·         Some of you may have NEVER been to a crop or a retreat. Maybe you just never have the time or the extra cash, maybe they don’t work with your schedule or maybe the thought of packing your scrapbook room to take somewhere is just too daunting.  Maybe I can help!

·         Or if you already sometimes scrap at home and go to crops or retreats maybe you will find something here, too.

So here we go…..

1.      KNOW WHERE YOU ARE HEADED – What you pack – and how you pack it – will need to be defined as much by this as by anything else. Is it a small day crop where you will share an 8 foot table, or a retreat where you have a big table to yourself?

2.       KNOW HOW YOU ARE GETTING THERE - Are you driving there in a big SUV, a tiny convertible, or are you flying to the event?

3.       KNOW YOUR SCRAPPY SELF.  Think about your process.  What is your starting point for a project?  Do you start with photos and then pick all your supplies before you sit down to scrap?  Do you just make pages and worry about photos later, if ever?  Do you like to make pages using a single collection?  Do you scrap by color?

4.       KNOW YOUR “STASH”. Don’t get overwhelmed here.  Just get an overall idea of how much you have and how you have it stored.  Do you only keep a small stash and it’s already in a single tote (if so – who are you and how and why do you do this?? – also, if this is you CALL ME – you don’t need me, but maybe I need you!!) Do you have a GIANT ROOM full of supplies – like maybe a whole dining room – that just has stuff EVERYWHERE (see photos)…or are you somewhere in between – like a big stash but still pretty easily managed to move?

5.       MAKE A LIST. OK, I get it.  Not everyone loves lists (I do – like A LOT) but bear with me here.  This list will be worth it.  My OG crop packing list is now SEVERAL years old, and it is still evolving, but it changes a bit with every crop. This is both because I learn more about what works for me, but also because I go to lots of different events, and I work on loads of different projects. I divide my list by how I carry them so I know what goes in each tote/bag and also so I make sure I get all of the bags into the car. Make sure to include the non-scrappy necessities like clothes, meds, snacks (and for me maybe a little liquid refreshment)

6.       PRIORITIZE – I tend to be a “photos first” kind of scrapper, and I use black, white or kraft cardstock on just about every layout so pictures and cardstock are almost always the first things that go into my car. If you always use a Cricut or Kiwi Lane Templates or you stamp everything then those items will go first.

7.       KIT, if you can.  I’m going to be 100% honest – this is a great plan, and totally NOT something I do well.  It just does not work that well with my process most of the time. I do currently have an Iris container full of different papers that I plan to use in my wedding album, and a bag of embellishments set aside for that as well.  I suppose that may be a really large kit, but I’m not sure it counts. If you can kit, that is a great way to get ready to get ready. The more of your project you can put together in a kit, the easier it will be to sit down and scrap. 

8.       Remember the less important things, too.  If you will be gone for the weekend you probably need to take clothes. If it is a day crop, a sweater or chair cushion may be in order.

9.       Be prepared to be wrong.  I have gone to several crops with a plan like making Christmas cards or working on a specific group of photos only to find when I get there that I am not inspired enough to get that project done. Be sure to have a backup if you need it.

10.   Pack it up - and hope it all fits!!!

11.   Take extra if there’s room.  In addition to #9 above you may find that you REALLY want some letter stickers you didn’t think to put in your kit, or your table mate may want to borrow that 3 inch circle punch.

12.   The last bit of advice I would give is remember that just because you take it TO the crop does not mean you have to take it IN the building.  This is one I figured out pretty recently.  Take projects in as you want to work on them, and when you finish with one, go swap it for another. I have also been known to bring my pretty large Thicker collection and leave that in the back of my car, then I just go grab letters as I need them.

That’s it – Happy Travelling

And more important Happy Scrapping!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Greeting Cards

 Hi Scrappy Friends,

I wanted to talk you this month about something that means a lot to me and I have become passionate about. It's sending out "handmade greeting cards". The best definition of greeting card I could find is this: A greeting card is an illustrated message that expresses either seriously or humorously, affection, goodwill, gratitude, sympathy or other sentiment.

Who doesn't love to open the mailbox and find a handmade greeting card? Doesn't it just make your day? Someone thought especially of you. They took the time to create something special, address it and send it your way. Once you have it, it becomes a treasure, are you like me, do you save them? I have boxes of special cards that I have received. Cards with my grandmother's signature or the scribbles that used to be my son's signature's are priceless. 

We live in a world of mega technology that is rapidly replacing our card making. I am super guilty of checking my Facebook page everyday just to see who's birthday it is. In two seconds, I can wish them a happy birthday and great day. We can shoot an email or text greeting in an instant. While it is always heart felt, its not a keepsake or treasure. I know we are all busy, our lives get consumed and days just run into weeks. But, we are scrap bookers, card makers, artists and creators, we can do better.

This year of 2020 has been very challenging. I don't no anyone it hasn't effected in one way or another. For some it has been illness, loss of love ones, loss of jobs, depression and isolation. There is NO better time to get back to the practice of sending our handmade greeting cards. I bet you can think of three people right this second that could use a pick me up. How about Thanksgiving, who are you grateful for? Take the time to let them know just how much. And Christmas is a wonderful time to send a greeting and a wish for a much better - happier -healthier New Year. 

If I were to describe the Doodle Bug store to someone, the first thing I would say is, it's a scrapbook store, but in reality approximately half of it could be described as a card making store. Stamps, ink, die cuts, embellishments, kits, cards, envelopes its all right there waiting for you. 

There are 3,648 people that "like" the Doodle Bug on Facebook. What if everyone of them sent one just one handmade card to someone. That is 3,648 smiles. We need that. I'm challenging you to dig out your old address book and send out a card. Post it on the Doodle Dish, that will help encourage someone else to do it too. If you need a card yourself or know someone that needs more than the one card you can send, please give Hannah your address she will give it to me, I would love to send one to you or someone in need of one. My goal is to send as many cards as I can in 2021.

I am attaching some of my personal favorite card making supplies below. 

Remember, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!" (Helen Keller)





Monday, October 12, 2020

Create fun slimline cards step by step with Abby

 Today I will be sharing with you my love of creating with multiple companies to create a look I love.  

New Penny Black and Lawn Fawn recently hit the shelves at the Doodlebug, Inc.  I instantly fell in love with the Halloween gate die and the "sugared" stamp set from Penny Black.  Also ideas of all the cuteness I could fit into the flaps of the "lift the flap tree backdrop" from Lawn Fawn. 

 To start out I cut bases using the nested slim layers die set from waffle flower. 

Then I inked the background with Catherine Pooler inks in tiki torch and sand castle using the life changing brushes.  


I cut grassy hills using "Abbie Road" kiwi lane template and inked the edges. 

Die cut out the trees and cut apart.  Die cut out the Halloween gates.  I set out my piles to start the assembly line.  I will make one card from start to finish, then cut out multiples to assemble together.

I stamped out the images onto Gina k designs heavy base weight white using memento tuxedo black ink.  I colored them with alcohol markers.  I want to try colored pencil and gamsol next as I recently picked up some gamsol at the Doodlebug.  

I lay everything out to see the spacing before adhering in place.  

I popped up the critters using foam tape.  

I adhere it to a slimline card base from the paper cut.  I let the products do the work for me and having card bases on hand does just that. 

I stamped the greeting on the front of the card and inside the flaps

I stamp the inside of the card too.  Finishing the inside gives a completed look even with just simple stamping or going all out with a matted inside.   

 I made one with a glittered gate and changed one up with both trees on the right.  I like that all the hills are different using the kiwi lane template, gives variety and makes each one unique.

Do you like to create with multiple companies at once or just stick to one company per project?  Let me know in the comments below.


Monday, September 28, 2020

Cards and Projects (by Shawn) with the Deck the Halls Bundle

Hi Doodlebug Friends! Shawn here with some more projects using the “Deck the Halls” bundle. First – and maybe most important, you can get your own bundle at:
Here is what you get (cardstock NOT included) – pretty sure the stamps and dies alone are worth $40:

I loved the versatility of this bundle AND that it included a couple of options you can use for Halloween and Fall as well. 
I worked with this kit at the recent Doodlebug Retreat and I didn’t really have much paper for Halloween with me, so I didn’t do any of that (yet). Since the kit even includes a 6x6 paper pad it really would be a great resource for making a BUNCH of cards – just add some bases and some cardstock and OFF YOU GO!!!
***Wait - what?  You’ve never been to a retreat? – you should TOTALLY sign up and join us some time – they are AMAZING!!!!  - not to mention that I am usually there – which should be enough reason to go right there!  LOL** If packing to scrap on-the-go is what keeps you away, be sure to check out my next blog post for some tips that might make it a little less intimidating.
But back to the cards.

Card 1
For this card, I did want to do something with a little bit of a fall theme and I got these VERY COOL gilding flakes (here is a link to some in silver: https://www.thedoodlebuginc.com/shop/c/p/Nuvo-Gilding-Flakes-Silver-Bullionn-x31666086.htm) that I thought would be perfect.  The white strip with the stars and the brown printed paper are from the 6x6 pad, and the card base is from my stash.  The rest of the leaves are just cardstock. 
Not sure how well it shows in the photo, but the leaf die actually embosses as well as cutting, but it was pretty subtle.  I think if you use a metal shim in your machine you might get more of the embossing but I didn’t really mind it being faint.  I used some brown ink and the handy ink tool at the end of my arm (also known as my finger) to just faintly highlight that embossing. 

Card 2  
I really enjoyed the fun washi tape from the kit and making it into a background seemed like a fun way to use it.  Like most washi, it is a little bit translucent so to use it as a background, I adhered it to white cardstock. I cut a piece just a bit narrower than my card so I could wrap the tape around the edge for a cleaner look. 
The green ribbon is from the kit as are the stamped tree and sentiment.
Another card base from my stash (trying to use those up)
I used bling that comes in strips for the “ornaments” on my tree and they don’t line up perfectly, but this didn’t really bother me. Smaller bling might be easier to line up, or using induvial bling or even small punched circles would work, too! This tree would look great with lots of punched circles of loads of colors and patterns.

Card 3

Ok, this one is probably my favorite.  I used the holly leaves die and the holly berries die to make a wreath.  I traced a circle (kiwi lane ring template) on my pattern paper to use as a guide. I used 12 of the leaf sets and just one of the berry sets, and one red bow.  I used foam tape top pop of the layers and used one of the berries in the middle of my bow to add dimension. If you look closely, you will see that this die also does some embossing on the leaves and the bow. Again, with the same boring card base. (Don’t worry – I do make a couple without that base)

Card 4
See?  No kraft card base!  (aren’t you proud of me?) So…….This card took like FOREVER!!! I’m not much of a stamper, not that great at coloring, and boy am I TERRIBLE at fussy cutting!  But it’s really not that bad, all things considered.  I really thought the stamps (fireplace, garland, stocking, wreath, and clock) were just begging to be layered into a little scene – so I gave in.  For coloring I used Prismacolor colored pencils (stolen from my daughter – she never used them, and I felt sorry for them, so now they live in my scrapbook tote) and a brown Sharpie for the fireplace. The pencils really blend in a cool way which made my wreath and my fire look pretty nice.  If you don’t already know this – color BEFORE you fussy cut!
I used foam tape to give some dimension to the different layers.
The pattern paper is from the kit and the yellow cardstock base is from my stash. 
I also used a stamping tool since like this one: https://www.thedoodlebuginc.com/shop/c/p/Mini-Misti-Tool--Laser-Etched-x39221169.htm 

Card 5
This card is just because I made more of the washi background than I needed for card #2, and I really wanted to make a bow out of the ribbon. This one probably would be great to just say hi around the holidays aside from my official Christmas card, like to send with a little holiday bonus for the cleaning lady or my hairdresser. Yes, the card base is back.

Card 6
While I love the way this card turned out, I will tell you up front it was A HUGE PAIN!  That snowflake die DID NOT LIKE ME, and it hated the silver glitter paper too!!!! (I on the other have LOVE this silver glitter paper – it is a very fine glitter that doesn’t come off at all – and is super sparkly). If you are going to use this die with a glitter paper, I highly recommend a shim, like this one:
The sentiment is one of the stamps from the kit.  I stamped it using White VersaMark ink, and then brushed really lightly with Perfect Pearls (again using that tool at the end of my arm) and then cut it out.  You can’t see it here, but it shimmers just a little. 
The snowflake paper is in the 6x6 pad from the kit.  The Blue card base and white card stock are from my stash.

Last but definitely NOT least…..
Card 7
I hadn’t used any of the cute chipboard or buttons, and I really did like them – so why not put them all on one card! This card would have gone together REALLY quick, except for the fact that I’m not a big fan of “empty” buttons, so I had to add twine to a few. Pro Tip on the chipboard buttons in this kit – they have adhesive that goes all the way across the back and covers the holes.  What worked best for me (after A LOT of frustration trying to poke holes) was to “pry up” the adhesive, run my twine through, and then lay the adhesive back down across the back of the threaded button.
I did trace a circle right on my cardstock (thanks, kiwi lane), and a few of the buttons are popped up with extra foam. 
The checked paper is from the 6x6 pad and the green base and cotton crochet thread are from my stash.

Any questions – don’t hesitate to reach out either through Hannah at the Doodlebug, or to me directly!! The cards are also currently at the Doodlebug in case you want to check them out in person.
Product Linkage:
Kit - https://www.thedoodlebuginc.com/shop/c/p/Deck-the-Halls-Bundle-x51440265.htm
Gilding Flakes - https://www.thedoodlebuginc.com/shop/c/p/Nuvo-Gilding-Flakes-Silver-Bullionn-x31666086.htm
Catherine Pooler Ink - https://www.thedoodlebuginc.com/shop/c/p/Catherine-Pooler-Ink-pad-Black-Jack-x33686172.htm
Misti Stamping tool - https://www.thedoodlebuginc.com/shop/c/p/Mini-Misti-Tool--Laser-Etched-x39221169.htm
Shim - https://www.thedoodlebuginc.com/shop/c/p/Crafters-Companion-Gemini-Junior-Magnetic-Shim-6X9-2Pkg-x43672636.htm
Glitter paper - https://www.thedoodlebuginc.com/shop/c/p/Pow-Glitter-Paper-Silver-x28708187.htm
Foam Dots - https://www.thedoodlebuginc.com/shop/c/p/Sticky-Thumb-Dimensional-Adhesive-Foam-275Pkg-White-Dots-Assorted-Sizes-x43343813.htm

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Making Mini Books

 Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather, Fall approaching us quickly. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here in a blink. I have been working on a couple of Mini Books that I wanted to share with you this month. Mini Books are fun, quick and easy to put together. They are great for gift giving. 

The first one I made was using the Simple Stories - Jingle All The Way product. I love the vintage look and the colors of this line. The base of my book is A2 envelopes. I used a total of 8 of them. You could easily add more, if you would prefer more pages. I cut the flaps off. I started with the front of the book being the front of one of the envelopes, I put them in order with the cut flap sides facing each other.


I used the Sn@p!cards, this made it so simple, I did trim the 4x6 cards just a little bit, but the 3x4 cards were perfect. I used the tag sheet that was in the paper pack for my tabs. You do need to be careful when you adhere the the paper to the cut flap side of the envelope, you don't want to seal the envelope together. I learned that the hard way. My insert pages are just brown card stock cut to 4x6.

I covered all the envelopes and insert pages with the Sn@p!cards. I did heavy inking all all my edges, including the envelopes. I punched my holes (be careful not to punch any of your insert pieces). I used the sticker sheet, die cuts and the enamel dots to embellish my pages. The enamel dots are perfect for the trees. I added some miscellaneous ribbons to my book rings. And literally in one afternoon it was done. 

I have already purchased the Simple Stories - Vintage North Pole line, I will be making another one of these with that paper as well. Someone will be getting that one for Christmas.

I also but together this 6x6 mini, using just heavy chipboard. I used the Photo Play Best Friends 12x12 paper pack and the Best Friends Ephemera pack. This one turned out really cute too. I added in several flaps and a couple pockets for tags and journaling. I pulled out a couple of old flower punches (seriously a few of the first punches I ever bought) and made some little flowers with button centers. More ribbon on the book rings, always save your ribbon scraps. 

I will be dropping of these Little Mini's off at the store next weekend, if you would like a closer look at them. Let me know if you have any questions about them. Share your Mini's on the Doodle Dish. See you all back here on the blog in about 4 weeks, Happy Scrapping!!