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Monday, August 3, 2020

Getting creative with your supplies and Paper Artsy.

Hi everyone, It's Abby with you today, and I'd like to share with you a tag I created showcasing Paper Artsy.  I took a class taught by Hannah at the store and have enjoyed using Paper Artsy ever since.  The fresco finish chalk acrylics layer great with some being opaque and others being translucent.

First, I gathered some Paper Artsy supplies.  We will be adding in more later.  🙂 I started out with the paper artsy zinis (ZN17) stamp.  I have a fondness for pigs.  

I heat embossed it with white embossing powder and then painted it with Sherbet opaque fresco paint.  I diecut it out of the Gina K heavy weight cardstock.

I painted a tag using snowflake fresco paint and painted with slimed thru Paper Artsy PS129 stencil over it.  We will use this later.  

I picked out a leaf stamp from ETS 39 Paper Artsy stamp set

I stamped it out using the slimed fresco chalk paint that I painted onto the stamp.  This worked well as long as long as you clean off the stamp soon afterwards.  

I sprayed Night Dina Wakley gloss spray 2nd and removed the excess with a paper towel.  This is the first time using Dina Wakley gloss sprays.  I love the resist effects these acrylic gloss sprays give.  I have watched several of Dina's YouTube videos on her channel and will be watching many more.  I will also be adding in more colors as these are very unique and fun to work with.  

I layered the leaves I fussy cut out behind the pig stamped diecut image on the tag using Ranger multi medium matte.  I popped up the stamped diecut image using foam tape.   I picked the sentiment from EKC26 Paper Artsy stamp set and stamped it over the Dina Wakley sprayed background. I  love how you can stamp on the sprays once dried and it is so crisp.  Dina suggests letting the sprays air dry, never heat dry as they are acrylics.  The tag dried very fast.

I was thinking the tag would make the perfect embellishment for the front of a card, but in the end decided that it would live inside my new August art gratitude journal.  I pulled out a new set of graphic 45 travel notebooks I picked up at our favorite doodlebug.  😉.   There are a lined, grid, and watercolor paper notebooks in the set.  I will be using the watercolor one today.  

I added it to the inside pocket using glue dots.  I know alot of us are struggling to keep sane in these trying times.  I find reflection helps alot no matter what I'm stressed about.  Each day in August I will be making a journal entry either about a happy moment of the day or something I'm grateful or thankful for.  

I wanted to decorate the front as well, so I dug into my "use or loose" bin of random bits.  I think we all have one of these.  🙂. I sprayed night Dina Wakley gloss spray thru a picket fence stencil for the background.  I added a canvas tag we painted earlier using glue dots.  

After adding all the random bits using glue dots this is the end result.  It brings me joy.  It is fun to free play and experiment with your supplies.  You might discover something new.  It's all in the creative process and the journey my friends.  I encourage you to pull out your supplies and get creative.  Check out all the paper artsy products and Dina Wakley sprays at the Doodlebug today.  They sure are fun to play with.  I will leave you with 4 Paper Artsy canvases I have made.

Made in class at the Doodlebug. 

Made at the September 2019 Doodlebug retreat.

Made at home.  This one is a smaller size, 5x7. 

Made this one for my mom for her birthday this year.  😍

Stay safe, stay well, and happy crafting my friends.  I hope you will give Paper Artsy a try and "Let  today be the start of something new".  I look forward to seeing your creations on the Doodlebug dish Facebook group. 😁. -Abby 

Friday, July 24, 2020

Tackling a big Memory Keeping Project (AKA Shawn’s Wedding Album – Part 1)


 So, some of you MIGHT have heard me mention once (or a million times). That I was getting married. Maybe you heard me whine about having to relocate the even because of this stupid virus. Maybe you heard that it was like a fairy tale and I had the zaniest, craziest Ring Bearer and Flower Girl in the history of wedding.  Or maybe not. Regardless, the big day happened just about a month ago and now that I have all the thank you cards sent and everything put away and all of the leftovers eaten, it is time to get to work on my wedding album.

OK – BUT WAIT!!!!! – BEFORE you click off this post because you got married like 30 years ago and you have ZERO interest in weddings at the moment, bear with me.  I am using my wedding album as an example here.  This same process and ideas can be applied to just about any large-scale scrappy project, like a baby album, vacation album, senior book or even a mini-book album to give as a gift. I know this because I’ve used this same theory over and over – but you would never know it from looking at the finished products.

Step 1 – Begin with the end in mind. 

Close your eyes. Picture what the finished project looks like.  No, not every page – just the basics.  Is it one album? Two?  A mini book?  A collage for your wall?  Seven albums busting at the seams (hopefully not this one)?  Open your eyes.  It’s not nap time! We need to be working on this project! So, now you know where you are headed.  (These are IDEAS – and NOT my photos)

Step 2 – Narrow down this big picture.

Think a bit more about your vision for the project, and what you are dealing with in terms of the amount of photos/memorabilia that you know need to be included.  In my case I know I plan on at least two books.  One I plan on being a more formal “wedding album” type book and the other more fun and relaxed where I plan to mix regular layouts and pocket pages.  The more formal book is likely to have more single-photo layouts that focus more on portraits with less journaling, while the more fun book will house the bulk of the photos to really tell the story of our day. (Also, I haven't decide which album is which yet - and I'm not sure the one with the name is EXACTLY what I want, so here they are- thoughts??)

Step 3 – START thinking about product. (and maybe buying some)

WOO HOO!!  Time to start shopping!! But go slow here.  Don’t just buy everything that says “wedding” or “baby”, or even everything Rose Gold (hey, I’m giving the advice here, not necessarily TAKING it) Buying too much will not only waste precious $$ and annoy your spouse but it can bury you in too many options, which is just what we need to avoid.  If you are doing a traditional album, now is a good time to look for the album itself.  That may help you choose some of the other product to come later.  If you know you like the idea of using most one or two collections, purchasing them at this point is also good.  Depending on your project timeline, you may spend an hour picking some products or if you are like me you will spread it out over a few months as you work on the project, or plan the event. Just keep in mind you DO NOT have to buy everything right this minute.  You can always come back to shopping later as you figure out more that you need. For me, this meant buying my two albums and a couple of collections I plan to use (“Timeless” by Authentique and “Apricot Honey” by Prima).  But this does not HAVE to mean you buy collections.  It may just mean picking a color scheme, or even finding that ONE product you are going to use to tie the project together.  In one baby album project I did, I had a large circular embellishment for each month of the baby’s first year and I worked each layout around those.

Step 4 – Break it down

This is the spot where the work really gets serious.  For this step, you will start wherever you usually start your process of making pages.  If you start with sketches or Kiwi Lane templates and pick papers and in them and the photos come last, start there.  If your process (like mine) pretty much ALWAYS starts with photos, you will obviously need to wait for those to really get a good start.  I am currently in this phase and already have a few hundred photos with a few hundred more coming soon from the photographer.  Here is where your earlier steps are really going to help you out.  I am planning a 20-30 page book for my “formal” album, and know I will probably want mostly larger single photos.  I intend to basically pick my favorite photos, while keeping in mind that all of the most important things and people need a place in this album, even if I have to pick some less “perfect” photos to make that happen.

For this step I create a folder on my computer called “print” and start dragging or copying all the photos that I KNOW I want in albums into the file.  Then I will have a file for my “Formal” book, and a file for my “casual” book.  For the formal book, I will probably number the photos for the order they will go in in the book.  For the casual book, I’ll have photos arranged by the subject of the page(s) they go on and probably worry about the order later. So I might have “Cake 1….Cake 2….Cake 3”…..”Guests1…Guests 2…guests 3…” etc. Next, I decide on the sizes I want and get the pictures ordered.  If you (like me) have a project that you are anxious to get started on, be SURE you take notes about what size you ordered of each photo.  That way you can start scrapping, even if the photos have not arrived yet.


Step 5 – Keep Organizing (or don’t)

I’ll admit, sometimes I have done this step and sometimes not.  When I HAVE done it, I have really liked how quickly I feel like I am able to get a book to come together – but to be honest I find the process pretty tedious and there are part of me that think it’ easier just to get scrapping and let the chips fall where they may.

Essentially what I do here is use the book itself as an organization tool.  I put the photos (If I have them – if not I make a note – like “Cake 1” on an index card - you can even use the size of card the same size as your photo to REALLY help yourself out) and put them in the page protectors of my album in order.  That way, if there are any specific papers or embellishments you want to use, or pieces of memorabilia, you can stick them in there also and they are ready to go. 

If you don’t want to go quite THAT far, but still want to organize, you can always create a written outline just to sort of keep track of what you want to do and what order things go in.

Step 6 – Well get to it, already!!

Just what it sounds like – Get to work.  You may choose to do every page in order, or skip around.  One of the benefits of being more organized up front (at least for me) is that it lets me feel more “free” during the creative part of the process to work on whatever inspires me at the moment.  If I’m hungry, I might choose to avoid scrapping pictures of the cake at that moment…which BY THE WAYYYY….


As always…if I can answer any questions please shoot me a message or let Hannah know and I’ll be happy to help.  Sorry in advance for all the upcoming wedding hoopla! (but not really)…

Until next time…..from my Happily Ever After to yours,



Sunday, July 12, 2020

Graphic 45 Fairie Wings

Monday - July 13, 2020

Hi Scrappy Friends,

This is Dolores, posting for the first time on the blog this week. Please bear with me this is a whole new learning experience for me. But, there's a first time for everything and I'm very excited to be here.

 I wanted to share a few projects with you that I have been working on, with the new Graphic 45 - Fairie Wings line. I have to admit Graphic 45 is my 'favorite' all time product. I have never been disappointed with any line they have ever released. Fairie Wings is my newest favorite. The colors and florals are beautiful.  The Fairy theme, well it could have been designed especially for my 3 year old granddaughter Elizabeth, who pretends to be a Fairy everyday. 

I did a layout page using the printed paper, stickers, chipboard, and the journal cards. The chipboard made perfect frames for my smaller photos. I also added in some 49 and Market and Kaisercraft flowers. To give the flowers a little sparkle I painted them with the Gina K Glitz Glitter Gel. It is perfect for sugar coating the flowers. You can see the difference it made in them. I used the 49 and Market Wishing Bubbles, too.

I also created this table top book. I completely lucked into a purple book. I covered it with paper on the front, back and inside covers. I traced an oval die cut and used an exacto knife to cut out the center of the book. I gradually used smaller dies to get the hollowed out look. I sanded the page edges inside the oval and brushed it with some ink. I inserted the picture and glued all the pages together. Then I decorated the front of the book. I did a lot of fussy cutting flowers (I find that relaxing) and coated them with glossy accents. I added the Gina K Glitz Glitter Gel to the fairy to give her some sparkle. Then again, I used one of the chipboard pieces to frame Elizabeth's picture. I added in a few more 49 and Market flowers and a few little pearls.

As you can see the colors in this paper are just gorgeous. It was a lot of fun to work with. It would make beautiful cards too. I plan to do a mini book next! I will be sending these projects to the store this month, so be sure to come in and check them out. 

I also wanted to share one more product with you. A good friend of mine bought me a little surprise gift. Do your fingers ever look like mine did when I was glittering and gluing (most of the time mine are much worse)??

If they do, let me recommend the Scrubby. I have used it to remove chalk and ink from my hands too. It's perfect to toss in your crop bag or have handy at your scrapbook table. 

Thank you for visiting the blog today. I hope you get to do something creative this week. Share your ideas and creations on the Doodle Dish. Stay safe and healthy. Happy Scrapping!!

Monday, June 29, 2020

A World of Gnomes

Hello and welcome to the blog.  My name is Abby Russell and I'm new to the Doodlebug design team.  This month on the blog I will be talking all about Gnomes.  Who doesn't like these cute little creatures.

I like woodland, magical, and fairy themes because they allow you to open a world of imagination and creativity.  The gnomes in my world live in trees thru small doors or mushroom houses.

At the Doodlebug you will find an assortment of gnome products.  This month I'm showcasing Gnome for the Holidays - 4th of July.

I sat down with several sheets and created a 1 page and a 2 page layout.   

The 1 page layout design consists of twelve 3x4's cut down slightly to allow for a border on a 12X12.  From the twelve, 3 were from the cut apart sheet - All American.

I embellished the layout with Prima flowers & American Crafts ribbon spool, you can find by the register at the Doodlebug.  

This design allows for multiple photos on 1 page.  I have featured 12 photos here spanning a 3 year time period.  Usually you would have trouble getting this many on a page, but by using smaller photos and a grid style it is easily achieved. 

I love these Scrapbook Generations sketchbooks you can buy at the Doodlebug.  They are a great resource to have because having it at the ready instead of looking up a sketch online is a great timesaver.  

I opened up the volume 8 sketchbook full of 2 page sketches and quickly found one that would work with my photos.

I used diecuts cut using a Cricut smart cutting machine.  If you are wanting to get familiar with using the Cricut the Doodlebug offers a beginner Cricut design space with Robin class. 

I fussy cut Gnomes from the pattern papers to add to my layout.  I placed a journal box from the 3X4 sheet and I was done.  Let's take a closer look at the pages in this 2 page layout.

Also available now at the Doodlebug from Photoplay are 3 more Gnome lines. 

PhotoPlay Collection Pack 12X12-Gnome For Halloween


You will see these in layouts and cards in the coming months from me.  

Another gnome creation I made this month was a card using the magic picture changer dies from Lawn Fawn.

I used the "Gnoming Around" stamp set from Stampendous.   Hannah carries many of the Stampendous gnome stamp sets.  

Pulling on the tab reveals the 2nd image magically.  My card's sentiment is 'Home is where your Gnome is".  

1st you see a cute home, then it reveals the Gnome in the home because home is where your Gnome is.  

Foundations Decor newest Gnome releases are available now to pre-order at the Doodlebug.  

I have 3 of the mushroom houses on pre-order.  I'm thinking either I will decorate 1 each in a Spring/Summer, Fall, and Winter theme or decorate all 3 in a Christmas theme to make a village of houses.  

As you can see it is so much fun to enter the world of the Gnomes and explore a world of imagination and creativity.  Happy crafting my friends.  

- Abby