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Monday, December 11, 2017

12 Days of Christmas- Day 5

ALL Coloring Books
70% off...While supplies last.  Get them before they are gone!!

Quick and Easy Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift Wrapping Simply...Taken to the Next Level!

Do you LOVE a good bow?  Are your bow making skills just a little bit lacking??  (Because mine are!!)  Since my bows are not the best, I have learned different ways to cheat the perfect bow look!!

Here is one that I LOVE to use...TULLE!  Maybe you didn't know, but we carry a wide selection of tulle in 3" and 6" spools.  I love that it is inexpensive and you get a TON on a spool!  

Check out our video that we did on how you can jazz up any package...Quickly, Easily and Inexpensively!  (those are my 3 favorites!!)

What colors do we have in the store?

   To go along with Hannah's AMAZING IDEAS!!!
Here is some more Tulle ideas from Pinterest

I LOVE a good Pom-Pom and they are SOOO easy to make!!

Some ideas Beyond wrapping gifts!
PET Tu-Tu's!!  How adorable would these be for Christmas!!!

I Found many more ideas on pinterest you can check out our page The Doodlebug inc. at Pinterest to see more ideas.

Come craft with us!
The Doodlebug gals

Sunday, December 10, 2017

12 Days of Christmas- Day 4 Deal

Here is your DAY 4 DEAL!  

All sizes of CANVAS are 55%...while supplies last!!  Stop in early before they are GONE!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

12 Days of Christmas- DAY 3

Here is your DAY 3 DEAL!  

Glass Ornament 4 packs are 50%...while supplies last!!  Stop in early before they are GONE!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

12 Day of Christmas Deals- Day 2

Here is your Day 2 Deal

Deflecto Bins and Cubes
80% off...While supplies last.  Get them before they are gone!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

12 Days of Christmas DEALS- DAY 1

Here is your DAY 1 DEAL!  

Spiral Bound Carpe Diem Planners are 50%...while supplies last!!  Stop in early before they are GONE!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Gift Shop Spot!!!

Are you OVERWHELMED with your Wish Lists??
Think of us as a "One Stop Shop!"

We have gifts for all ages and types of Crafters you maybe shopping for. WHAT!!! Scrapbooking supplies are not all that we carry?! Not even close!!!  

That's right Ladies and Gentlemen!! We have much more then "Just Scrapbooking" Supplies.  

Keep scrolling down to see the wide selection of items we do carry...and for ALL ages and skill levels!

Can't find EXACTLY what you want...We can order it for you! 
OR- if YOU are wanting something specific to find under your tree or your gift box, can make a wish list so others can get you EXACTLY what you are looking for...and SKIP the return lines this year!

So, we did a little research for the following items...AKA we had Samantha, a 18 year old woman, gather some items she would LOVE and then we had Rachel, she falls in the 25-35 age rang, do the same!
Below, you will find what they picked out!

Letter Board

Check out these Letter Boards add some flare to your home with this changeable message board. We have some adorable sayings for your board. A Great gift for teens or older.

Adventure Is Out There! and hello Lets celebrate
Home Letter board  Fall/winter and Planning

What's in letter board word pack

Sugar Scrub kit and Bath and body Organizer

Large Wood Letters More in our shop, Acrylic Paint, Prima Flowers 

(These were all from Samantha's Wish List!)

For ones of all ages that Paint and Draw we have a wide variety of supplies that would be a great gift.

(These were from Rachel's list of items she has been eyeing!)

Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers

Copic Markers and Paper

Paint, Brushes and Paper

Watercolor pencils and Paper

Monthly & Weekly Planner


Calligraphy Markers in Store, Nuvo and Bracelets

We R Memory Keepers Classic Leather Albums, Snap Studio 

(Now, for our next "test group" we used Miss Lydie Rose Sermersheim, who is 12 and is a VERY BUSY young lady, so we know her selections are sure to please all the teens and tweens out there!)
 For the little ones we have craft kits for them.  Check these out for teen and younger. 
   They are for sure to be excited about these crafts and art projects.                   

   Check these out Below!!!
Multi Media paint set
Lydie REALLY needed this one.....she actually made Melanie take it home so we would not sell out before she got one!
General Crafts

Rainbow Slime Starter Pack

The SLIME Pack is at the top of her list!!  Apparently slime is all the rage now?!?!

Fabric Markers in store, Fruit Scented Glitter Gel Pen

Rhinestone wrap Bracelets

American Girl Craft

Rainbow Modeling clay

In Store Origami Paper and Plush Craft

Just Remember that if you don't see what your looking for here, you can check out our website for an even bigger selection!  Of course, you can always stop by our shop too!  lol. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will be more than happy to find it for you!

If you want something in particular you can make a wish list with us. We will let the people on your list know what you want. We also have Gift cards you could pick up for the crafter in your life...or hint to others that you want!

Come visit us! 
The Doodlebug Gals