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Friday, August 24, 2018

Become Little Bow Peep Fast and Easy!!

Well, that's going to change now with Craft-Dee Bowz!  Making bows will be way easier than you ever thought it could be. Whether it is a bow for a Gift, Card or Wreath, even the Fancy Bows are made easily!

Just Watch this video 

Craft-Dee Bowz

 We have variety of ribbon for you to pick from here at the shop as well. We have it lined up color coordinated to make it easier to find. So you will be set for your bow making adventures!

Craft-Dee Bowz

You sure be Having people asking 
"How did you make that Bow?" With this great way to make bows. So come on down and make your next bow Project Fast and Easy.

The Doodlebug inc.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

What's New Wednesday

Who's Ready for this week's 

New Kiwi Lane Organization

 Really this so great! It can be a struggle keeping those little cut outs organized. Plus, we don't want to loss them and we don't want to search for hours for that one that will complete our project we are working on!

Totally Tiffany has a GREAT organization System for Kiwi Lane

Totally Tiffany Organizers Desk Maid Die, Stamp and Supply Organizer

The above is also PERFECT for Project Life Scrapbooking too!!

If you want something that is a little more portable for your Kiwi Lane, then try the Storage Boxes from Totally Tiffany.  

Totally Tiffany Mix and Match Storage Cards

Totally Tiffany/ Kiwi Lane Designer Template Organizer

This box fits perfectly in those popular rolling carts too!!

We also added another great storage organizer from Totally Tiffany.  
It is perfect for ink pads, markers, pens and stickles!!


These are 2 different papers below isn't that awesome!



Found on best paper blog

Doodlebug Design
All pictures found on  doodlebugblog
These are really so adorable and I love these ideas
Hang In There-Doodlebug Doodle-Pops 3D Stickers

Taco-Bout Fun- Doodlebug Doodle-Pops 3D Stickers

                   EXPANDED Gina K Section!

That was a lot of new...and you know we have more than what we have posted here!!  
Be sure to stop in soon to see all the latest and greatest! We have a lot to be excited about and the boxes just keep coming!! (Job security for me!)
 Thank you to all of you all that have been in to check out all these things and for your support. No worries- we will keep getting all these amazing crafts in for you, but as always, let us know if there is ever anything in particular that you are looking for! 

The Doodlebug

Friday, August 17, 2018

Turn your Wood Stamps into Cling

Are your wood stamps taking up too much space in your craft room?  Do you find yourself not using them because you cannot SEE them!!  
Check out how you can turn them into CLING MOUNT stamps using EZ Mount Cling Sheets!

Hannah shot a quick video tutorial to show you how easy...and quick...it is to switch them to cling!

Image result for ez mount cling foam

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Whats new Wednesday

What's New Wednesday!

Hello Everyone and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!  If you haven't been in lately, here is a little update for you!   Check them out and as always if you NEED to add some of these new items to your crafting stash, let us know or order them online!


Here we have the New Misti Stamping tool for you! Really an amazing tool to add to your stamping endeavors. This tool gives you the ability to easily do techniques that you can't do with an acrylic block alone...especially if you like to do the new layer stamps OR is you ever MISS STAMP and image! 

Misti Stamping tool

Below is a Video of 10 ways you can use the Misti stamping tool.

Happy Frame XL - Elizabeth Crafts Die

Big Ballon

Heart and paw

Found this picture on Elizabeth crafts blog page

Found this picture on Elizabeth crafts website
I hope you love these Ideas just remember that you can get these items that are featured right here at The Doodlebug. We can even order something for you as long as supplies last. So we cannot wait to see you here for your next visit on your crafting ventures.

The Doodlebug

Friday, August 10, 2018



Can I get a TGIF!!!  YES!!!

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY Everyone! I'm so happy to be sharing with you all the NEW amazing items we have been getting! I have also included a few ideas & projects that you could do with these! You probably have some amazing ideas as well. Let us know what yours are, we'd love to hear all about it!

Better yet...post them in our private Facebook Group- The Doodlebug Dish!  This is a GREAT place for sharing ideas and inspiration!

Click on the purple underlined areas at it will get straight on over to our website and directly to these items. Get you right where you want to go. Crafting away as soon as possible. I mean isn't that what we all want? 

                              HAI- NEW Embellishments

 First are these adorable sequins. You could put these in shaker cards, or maybe you even want to add a little embellishment to your card or scrapbook pages. etc. When I saw these I thought I will have to figure out some kind of project for them because they are so cute!!! We have a variety of these so check them out you are sure to use them! And as I was writing this blog we received new sequins from another company. AHH!!! I want them all!!

Moxxie Glitter from American Crafts 

Cricuit Holographic Vinyl 

We now have HOLO Vinyl! Holo vinyl has a great rainbow holographic effect. I can think of so many things to do with this. I am going to put it on cups, my phone case, my car, note pads, pretty much anywhere that I can put holo or glitter I will be adding this stuff.  My silhouette will be getting a workout this weekend!  What can I say I'm a little girl at heart that loves rainbows and glitter! haha


AND...We of course have in NEW Paper Lines!!

Celebrate Autumn

We also have these adorable paper collection from Adornit. Sooo Cute Little bugs,foxes and Camping paper. I love camping and these I think will be an awesome way to pull together all those Family camping trip pictures. With a big enough album to make room for the next trip of coarse. I have so many stories to write down it just brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

Adorn it Camping

Adorn it Bugaboo

Gina K Autumn Wreath builder

Clear Stamps- Autumn Wreath Builder

Class Details:
Gina K and Rina K will be teaching one class, but it will be offered FOUR different times to accommodate everyone!  Gina & Rina plan to use the NEW wreath builders, so the cards above are just samples...not our actual class cards.

Date:  Friday October 12
Class Times: 2-4pm & 6-8pm

Date: Saturday, October 13
Class times: 10am-12pm & 2-4pm

Cost: $60 (Class fee includes a $20 stamp set to take home!!)

CLICK HERE to sign up!!  

Thank you all for check this out! I hope that I have helped you in your crafting endeavors. Keep on crafting! We will keep on enabling...I mean inspiring you here at the doodlebug.

                                                THE DOODLEBUG