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Monday, October 30, 2017

Mojo Monday! Great new Samples to INSPIRE you!!!

During the past couple of weeks, we have been blessed with so many new samples!!  
So, if you need some ideas on what you can do to be creative as it gets colder outside...well, we now  have a store full of GREAT NEW samples to get ideas from. 

And of course....you can create all of these with supplies we just happen to sell here at The Doodlebug.
Insert Smiley Face Here!  :)

First up...Paper Dolls are C-R-A-Z-Y hot right now!!  Now, these are not the same paper dolls we played with as kids....these are paper dolls for big girls!!  These ladies are fun, fashionable, and sassy!!

I was so excited when I saw what our "Crafty Sisters" Tiffany and Amberly had made using one of the  Stamps and then the new Zella Teal line!!  Love the look?  Check out the entire Prima Zella Teal scrapbook paper collection!  Combined that with our Julie Nutting Doll stamps for such a cute idea!!  These are fun to customize and give as gift tags or cards.

Zella Teal

Julie Nutting Doll Stamp

NEXT UP...a NEW Get It Scrapped KIT!!!
If you don't have the time but want some cool Scrapbook pages that are easy to put together we have these Emoj pages. We already cut them you just have to glue them together and add your picture, Easy Peasy.
                                                                 Emoji Scrapbook packs

Don't just think mini books and canvas when it comes to our line of Art Alchemy that we carry from Prima.  These waxes and paints can turn a plain little paper mache pumpkin into a ROCK STAR pumpkin!!  Start looking around your house now....what can you paint and alter??  Oh the possibilities!! 

Here is the link you need to check out these paints and waxes!!

Art Alchemy Metalique wax Cire Cera 
and Art Alchemy Sparks Acrylic Paint

But wait...we are not done with how you can transform Paper Mache.....Check this out too!
What a Cute Snowman you can make your own way. So many things you can do with this guy to be                          decoration for this winter in your home or winter party, what have you.
With a little paint and some chunky glitter...this Snowman is SNOW AWESOME!   Get it...So/SNOW!!!  Bahahahah

Here is what was used to give him his frosty snow coating!!

Believe it our not...we have even MORE inspiration for you!!  We love these rustic open star wood stars.  There are SO MANY thing you can do with them.  

Our "Crafty Sisters" chose to keep it simple...but the results are Simply STUNNING!!

Kaiser Mint Wishes

Kaiser Craft Mint Wishes and Wooded Star 
You can add those final touches with a little greenery and some mini Pinecones and Pine Twine Greenery!

You know those great Magnetic Shadow Boxes we have....look what else you can do with them!!  You are not limited to just the wooden seasonal inserts!  Great creative!  Do your own thing with them....I'm thinking a Birthday one we be AMAZING too!!!
Kaiser Mint Wishes and Shadow Box
Mint wishes and Shadow Box


And then we have this show stopper....brought to you by our mini book Guru...Joyce!  When I saw this line, I knew that I HAD to get some to her because I KNEW she would come up with something beautiful...and of course she didn't disappoint!  Stop by the store to see it in person.
Kaiser Letters to Santa

Kaiser Letters to Santa

I LOVE the look of Vintage Ornaments...but they are getting really hard to find!  SOLUTION: Create your own!!  Our "Crafty Sisters" used....yep you guessed it....PRIMA!!!  They started out with a plain glass ornament and then with a little paint, wax, and a few vintage looking embellishments made with, believe it or not, HOT GLUE and the Prima Moulds.  RESULTS: An AMAZING Vintage ornament that looks like it cost you $15-20! -Heck maybe more!!!  LOVE IT!

 Mouldes and 
Prima Iod Vintage Moulds-Escutcheon 2

Glass Ornaments
The fun with glass ornaments continues!  Add a little glitter, a stamped image, and yes those are bottle brush trees, and VIOLA!!  INSTANT AMAZING!!  How Stink'in Cute are these!!!  This would be a fun family project for sure!!  

Jillibean Jewels & Sequins
Premium Sequins

Jillibean Jewels & Sequins
Premium Sequins
Darice Home for the Hoildays Ornaments

So, in closing, let me just express my sincere gratitude to Joyce, Amberly and Tiffany.  You ladies ROCK and so do your samples!!!  THANKS SO MUCH for helping our store to be the best it can be!!  I am AMAZED by your talents and so thankful that you are willing to share your work!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Go Press and Foil- You need this in your life!

Good Afternoon!!!
The weekend if ALMOST here and we wanted to kick it off with a little video of a NEW PRODUCT we have!

The GoPress and Foil by Couture Creations.

This base plate can turn your dies into heat foiling tools!

Check out our video to see the 2 samples we made.  One uses Hot Foiling Plates designed to be used with the GoPress and Foil machine...the other is just a beautiful die we have in our Crafty Stash!

Once you've checked out the Video...Check out what we have in so far on our On-Line Store!!

ENJOY!! This is such a FUN tool!  

Monday, October 23, 2017

New Shimmer, Glitter and Glitter Heat Transfers

I'm so Excited to let you know about the NEW Satin Shimmer, Glitter and  Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl we have in. Add some Glitter to your life. Come on in to our shop pick up some for your next Project! Or you can always check it out online!
 What can I do with vinyl you might ask? We have some ideas for you check out what we found on Instagram and Pinterest!

 Glitter Vinyl Heat Transfer
 Glitter Vinyl Heat Transfer
                                                   Here's the Satin shimmer adhesive vinyl 
Satin shimmer vinyl
Satin shimmer adhesive vinyl
                                                            Ultra adhesive Glitter vinyl
Ultra Glitter adhesive vinyl

 Another awesome thought is if you want a design cut out of your favorite vinyl and color we can cut it for you just come on in. Or you can get yourself one of vinyl cutter we have. We have the Silhouette Cameo 3 in black and white ,Cricut vinyl cutter and we can help you figure it out.

Silhouette Cameo 3 

Cricut in shop

Now here is Hannah to show us around the vinyl section so you can check it out before you stop in.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

New Items In This Week

If you haven't been in to the store this week...here are a few goodies that are waiting to greet you!  First up is this timeless line from Blue Fern, Amber and Apricot.  No worries, we ordered in the ENTIRE line for you...and more of those chipboard pieces that you love!

Then, we found this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G page on the Blue Fern Blog!

And then we hopped over to Instagram and found these!

   Another wonderful addition to our shop is the new Kaiser Craft Mint Wishes and Letters to Santa collections. This collection is just what you need to add to your Holiday. The beautiful mint wishes with it's minty frost feel. We have the chipboard establishments for this one as well. 
And then this is the Kaiser Craft collection Letters to Santa. Will have you feeling like your are by the fireplace sipping some eggnog right now!
Need some inspiration well here is what we found from Instagram!


Then the Prima Zella Teal collection that we have had in the store for awhile we have some additions of the chipboard.

 The New addition this adhesive Chipboard.
Welcome the Bo Bunny Penelope collection another new collection to swoon over.

Stop in soon to check these out in person...or just click over to our ONLINE store and see them there at your convenience! (You gotta love shopping in your jammies with a nice cup of tea!)
Have Fun!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017


WHO DOESN'T LOVE NEW STUFF??  Certainly not us!!  We get excited when something runs out on the shelf...because it means we get to pick out something new to take its spot!!  Here are just a few new things what we got in this week!

ECHO PARK A Perfect Winter just arrived!

                                                                   Check it all out HERE!