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Friday, July 13, 2018

Customer Sample Featuring Spread Your Wings

 Spread your Wings

Mini Album

 Have you ever wondered what other crafters in the area are creating! Yeah me too!! Here is just one amazing example of what has been created.

Joyce created this album from scratch!!  As in NO Mini Book Base!!  WOW!!

We don't have a process video to show you how Joyce created this beauty, BUT one of our favorite Mini Book Friends, Ginger, just might have an example of something similar that she as made on her YouTube channel!!
My Sisters Scrapper

For the paper line that Joyce used check that out on our page. Spread your Wings

 I hope you get some great inspiration here. I know it inspires me to create my own scrapbook. That would be so awesome!

You can stop in so see this AMAZING Mini Book in person!!  
We also want to send a BIG THANK YOU out to Joyce for making this beautiful book and for letting us display it to inspire everyone!!

The Doodlebug 


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Kiwi Lane Scrapbooking for Beginners and Pros the like!

Scrapbooking for
 Beginners and Pros the like!

Needing a new way to scrapbook?  Do your pages need a pick me up?  Are they all starting to look the same?  Do your pages take you what seems like hours to come together??


I kid you not....these templates my seem like nothing much...or even a little "old school" be they are AWESOME!!!  

The next time you come in, be sure to ask to see our Kiwi Lane section, because we keep it a little hidden!

 You may have seen on Facebook I did my First official scrapbook pages. It really was so Fun. Kiwi Lane made it really so simple. I can't imagine making future pages without kiwi lane.These below are the pages I created.

  Here are couple more ideas.

Find other layouts to inspire you HERE on our Kiwi Lane Pinterest Board!!

What makes Kiwi Lane so different??  For me, I like that I can lay out my pages before I make any cuts to my paper.  It sounds weird, but it is almost like I was too afraid to cut the paper!!  I know...It's "just paper," but it is still intimidating!  Does anyone else feel that way or is it just me?  lol  

Below are a few step by step pictures that Hannah took as she made this next page.  I helps you to see the step by step progress to build your page...and how quick and easy (oh and FUN) it is!

Simply lay out your templates.  I love how you can SEE what your page is going to look like!!  This helps so much with spacing, how many pictures you can put on the page....and it helps you mix your prints too!

Next, trace your templates and cut along the line!!  Don't worry if your line isn't perfect...just take a little ink cube and quickly ink the edge!  This not only hides those little imperfections, but it also helps your prints stand apart from each other on the page.

Finally- glue and embellish!  We love to use the Kiwi Lane accessories, or decorative templates, AND our stickers and embellishments too!!  

You can also check out this Video from Kiwi Lane's You Tube page on page process to complete a scrapbook page.

 If this doesn't have you scrapbooking in no time, I don't know what will! Just doing 2 Pages got me hooked on on it. I have to say it once again because it is so true; Kiwi Lane will make your scrapbooking soooo Simple, Fun and Easy!! Just come see for yourself and get to scrapbooking!

Ready to give it a try, but you cannot make it into the store...you can order it online and have it shipped to your door!

From one scrapbooker to another this is a must have for your scrapbooks!
The Doodlebug INC.