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Thursday, November 21, 2013

So what is "SUDS" cleaner anyway??

Ok, so a few weeks ago we had this little "traveling" salesman type guy come into the store and he had this product called "SUDS" that he wanted to show us.  I was in the middle of an interview and really did not want to be bothered, but he seemed nice and I know how had sales, and the cold sales market, can be, so I gave him a few minutes of my time.....and man am I ever glad that I did!!

He first used it on our class tables go get the old dried, sticky, gunky glue off....AMAZING!  Usually we have to use goo gone and a razor blade and then we have to use a bunch of cleaner to get the oily goo gone off so it does not get on our papers when we have classes!

Next he went around the store and got out the stains in the carpet...the ones that we don't even know where they come from!  AND they were still gone DAYS later...and are still gone to this day!  So many products you use, the are gone, but mysteriously they reappear a few days later.

THEN, he took an ink pen and a sharpie and wrote on a white towel.  He had some of the "SUDS" mixed with water in a spray bottle (kind of like shout) and sprayed it right on the marks he had just made....by now I am sure you know what happened!  They just dissappeared!!

By this point I was sold.  BUT to really put it to the test, I took the stuff home and tried it on just about everything I could think of!
Grout- worked great!
Stains in the boys' clothes...that had been there forever and washed and dried MANY times....it even got those out!!  One of Kyan's "old play clothes" shirts became a shirt he is allowed to wear to school again!!!
Carpet stains....well, I think the pictures below will speak for themselves!  And yes, my rug did look that bad!  I LOVE that my husband Jeremy LOVES to cook and he makes us amazing things...but OMG, he is the messiest cook in the world!!  I blame all of these stains on him!!
Here is the rug before I cleaned it.

I just put a little on an old tooth brush and scrubbed each spot for about 15-20 seconds

When I could tell the stain was lifting...I just rubbed it a little more with a clean rag to pick the stain up...my rag was gross from what the "SUDS" had pulled up!

AND...here it is!!!  MUCH better!!  and YES, it is safe to add SUDS directly into your carpet cleaner water!!

If the wheels are turning and you are already thinking of a bunch of places that you need to try SUDS we have it in-stock and the price is $22.00...BUT if you call and pre-pay for it Today or Tomorrow 11/21/13 and 11/22/13, we will drop the price down to just $20 for a 16 fl oz tub!!
THANKS! 812-482-4949

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Project Life Products are HERE!!!

We are SO Excited that our Project Life has finally arrived!!  Beck Higgins started this "new" way of documenting our memories a couple of years ago and now it is available for the independent stores to carry too!
IF you are new to this way to document your memories....here is a little video she did at CHA this past summer!

There are MANY companies that make these types of products...such as Simple Stories and We R Memory Keepers...and we carry most of their lines too!!

Here is a little sample of what the 12x12 pages look like!

This is a GREAT way to get caught up, scrapbook and event or trip that you took WAY too many pictures at, or a way to scrapbook for those that feel they are not very crafty!!  Anyone can slip a picture or card into a slot!!!  This is even a great way to get your kids scrapbooking too!