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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

12 Days of Christmas

It’s almost here!..
The 12 Days of Christmas!!!
Better known as the 12 Deals of Christmas!!

You won’t want to miss each day of savings during our 12 Deals of Christmas Sale.
Mark your calendars: 

Day 1 starts on Monday Dec. 10th!!! 

*Be on the lookout for a facebook video and/or email the night before each sale, usually posted around 8 or 9pm ET.  
That video will explain what the deal will be the following day!!  We release the item the night before so you know if you need to call in right away the following morning or stop in!  
We wouldn't want you to miss a deal!!

Each day is a NEW DEAL and they do go fast!  If you cannot make it in, call into the store and we can hold your items until the last day of the 12 Days of Christmas sale and you can pick up all your items at the same time OR we can ship them all to you on that last day!!

I even have a little special something planned for Day 13 this year!!!

So, get ready!!!  That first deal will be coming to you on Sunday, Dec.9th, so be ready to call or stop in on Monday Dec. 10th!

***Deal videos will go out the night before. The deal is valid the next day and for one day only, while supplies last. If there are any deals left when we close, they will go to the online store the following day.***