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Friday, May 25, 2018

Get ready to LAYER with these NEW Dies!

New Spellbinders

To look at these on the shelf...they look a little confusing, and to be honest, a little intimidating...but they are NEITHER!!  

To show you how easy they really are, I did a step by step of these Tulip, Rabbits and Rose die cuts. I think this is so beautiful and the layering adds dimension as well as shading and contrasts! So, I did something very basic with my paper choices, but really there is way more you can do by adding Textured paper, arranging them different ways,  changes to the backgrounds and colors, and even add some ink to the edges with an ink pad for even more dimension. 

There are a variety of  layers to this Tulip to choose from I didn't use them all. But I think you would agree that it is Beautiful all the same.

Spellbinders Shapeabilities Die - Layered Tulips




These rabbits are so cute the layering almost makes them look like fabric. If you Love Rabbits this this adds so much dimension to these as well with the layering that you do!

Spellbinders Shapeabilities Die - Layered Rabbits





This last one is MY FAVORITE!! It is so pretty and really soooo simply and fast !!! I Love Flowers! And this rose really comes out beautifully!!

Spellbinders Shapeabilities Die - Layered Rose

The adhesive I used is the Tombow mono aqua glue and Mono Multi Liquid Glue. It works well with this putting a small line of glue it is white and drys clear. These glues have a good hold to them as well.

Tombow MONO MULTI Liquid Glue

You could also use these adhesive sheets so that you can run the die cut through with the adhesive on the paper. Just peel and stick.

Sizzix Adhesive Sheets 2.5"X4.75" 10/Pkg

If these aren't really your cup of tea. Come check out our shop we have a wall of different die cuts. We also have more new Spellbinders you can also check out online. I Hope you Enjoyed this Quick little step by step with me. Hopefully I can do more like these, If you Like this One let us know. 

The Doodlebug

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Lawn Fawn Summer Release is In the House!!

Summer Lawn Fawn Fun 

Ice Cream Shop, Roller Coasters and Scuba Cuteness....OH MY!!  We are swooning over the Summer Lawn Fawn release!  Once again, they have created some of the most adorable stamps and dies.

  The best part??? They are all here and IN STOCK!!  These are also the stamps that Jenn Shurkus will be using when she teaches her Lawn Fawn Classes June 8th & 9th!  Be sure to sign up for those now! 

 Here is the LINK to get you to the class registation Page!

Village Shops and Die Cut

Coaster Critters and Die Cut

You can use this slide die cut to create and slid-able coaster!

One in a Chameleon and Die Cut

You are Sublime and Die cut

They used this Stitched Wave Boarder in the Card Below. 
Stitched Wave Boarder

Sweetest Flavor and Die Cut

This Die Cut will help you create the Spinning Tab. What a cool idea!

Stitched Scalloped Circle Frames

These are so Fun and Cute why are you not using them on your next card idea. Crafting made adorable you will want to craft all day. For those crafting days we will be here online and in the store everyday of the week. From all of us here...have wonderfully Creative and Crafty Day. 

The Doodlebug

Saturday, May 12, 2018

NEW Nuvo Shimmer Powders

Nuvo Shimmer Powders are a unique combination of shimmering mica powder and a vibrant dry pigment.  Lightly tap the powder over your desired surface, use a light mist spray bottle to add water and then watch the colour infuse!!  You can also mix the powder straight with water and brush to produce a sparkling metallic water based paint.  Create beautiful backgrounds, unique textures and marble effects with dazzling colour combinations!!


GOTTA TRY THEM....Find them HERE in our On-Line Store!!


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Welcome Catherine Pooler Inks to The Doodlebug!

I've tried MANY inks over the years and I have NEVER found a stamping ink that I LOVE this much!!!  

Catherine Pooler Inks will be a new line that we will be brining into the store and we just know that youwill love them SO MUCH, we wanted to give you an opportunity to pre-order them!!

What Makes These Inks Different?
Color Made Easy!
My Ink Collections are formulated to help crafters easily create perfectly coordinated projects with matching saturations and tones.
The Party Line of inks are vibrant, saturated colors….think lime and bright pink.  With names like Fiesta Blue and Rockin’ Red, they are bright, fun and they scream party!
The Spa Line of inks are muted colors with a low saturation
level.  With names like Mandarin Spice and Shea Butter, they are perfect for a sophisticated and polished card design.

Besides the foolproof Color Made Easy system…
  • Color coordination is a snap!  Our first collection, the Party Collection is made up of all vibrant, saturated colors that will go together perfectly.  No more guessing which color goes with which!
  • No more splotchy images!  Two or three gentle LOVE TAPS are all you need to get full coverage on your stamp which transfers beautifully to your cardstock.
  • No more muddy, dirty stamped images when residue from a dark ink gets picked up by a light color!
  • They are water reactive which makes them great for ever popular water splotching and flicking techniques.
  • Blending is easy!  These inks stay wet for a few seconds, so you have time to blend beautiful backgrounds with your colored ink pads.

CP Designs Ink Pads are made of foam and foam pads transfer ink better to stamps.  A well inked stamp produces a better quality image.
All inks are premium dye inks and they are all non-permanent except for Midnight which is archival (and will stain your stamps – be sure to view the best practices video!).  Midnight is water-proof and safe for alcohol markers when dry.

  • Ink Pad with Re-Inker $10.69
  • Ink Pad alone: $6.29
  • Re-Inker alone: $4.79

Collection Prices:

  • Foundations (Just 4 inks in this set $42.49 for the Pads AND Re-inkers OR $24.99 for just the Pads)
  • Spring Fling
  • Life of the Party
Each of the above has 8 colors.  Each collection of 8 is $84.99 for the Pads AND Re-Inkers OR $49.99 for the Pads Only.

  • Zen Garden
  • Paradise Found
Each of the above has 8 colors. Each collection of 8 is $84.99 for the Pads AND Re-Inkers OR $49.99 for the Pads Only.

Neutral Collection

This collection has just 3 colors in it.  Pads AND Re-Inkers are 31.89 OR Pads Only for $18.75

Common Questions:
Q:  Do you store them upside down or right side up?

A:  It is not necessary to store them upside down.  So right side up it is!
Q:  I have some foam ink pads that have disintegrated.  How will yours hold up?
A: The shelf life of our dye ink pads is at least 2 years, but they could last much longer with good care and storage.  We recommend storing them at close to room temperature (no extremes) and out of direct sunlight.  We also recommend that if you use stamp cleaners other than water that you also clean them with water to remove any residue that might be clinging to you stamp.
Q: I just wanted to know how the inks behave when using a brand new, not yet seasoned stamp?
A:  They will work great!  If you do get any splotchiness at all, just ink and stamp several times on scratch paper and you should be good to go!
Q: Can’t wait to try your new ink pads! They sound so versatile. But I’m curious how well the sponge base will hold up if I get over anxious and stamp down too hard.
A:  The pad itself will be fine, but you may find a bit of an inky mess!  You will also find that linen pads will get a dip in the middle after use, but foam pads do not tend to do that.  Do be gentle with your pad, though, since it’s foam if you are rough with them, they may tear.

The Doodlebug INC