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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What's New Wednesday's

What's New Wednesday's 

Hello Wow we have had a lot of excitement around here the past couple of weeks. We had an amazing weekend with Gina and Rina K AND then that 8x8 album with Nancy Wethington...OMG!!!  Those books were so amazing!  (Wait until you see her Christmas one!!)  
I think we are starting to get caught back up, so it is  time to get back to sharing with you all the amazing items we have here. We don't want you to miss out on them!! So here it goes.

American Crafts Pre-Mixed Paint Pouring 

Take the guess work out of Paint Pouring!
This is really awesome you don't have to figure out how to mix the pouring medium and the paint it is already mixed correctly and you don't have to figure out the combination of colors they have collection packs of color already made up for you. 
Here are just a few of the pieces of art that you can create with this Technic.

Tidal Wave



Tools to create awesome ideas in your paint pouring project!

Look at what Hannah and Melanie created with these collections. The Top painting it looks like she used several paints from different collections maybe the tidal, amber and opal, So awesome! The bottom one it looks like she used the Tidal collection. They both added glitter what a great added touch.

Gerda Steina Design
Just look at these adorable stamp from Gerda Steina Design. I love these little animals check out the cards you can create with them. We have more online check those out too!!
Click here for all Gerda Steina Design!!!

Coffee Hedgehog



oh Manatee

Upside down Flamingo

Shammy and Tidy Towel Holders 

Have you had this dilemma...
 You just used your amazing Gina K Tidy Towel or your Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy.  It's wet, which it should be, but where do i put it so the stuff on my desk doesn't get wet? 
These towel holder are perfect for this. They hold the water in one side of the tray. Also when you are done you close it up and it has holes on the other side to let it dry. 
We sold through our first shipment, but more are arriving TODAY. 
Let us know if have to have one, too!!
Shammy Towel Holders

Support your local Craft store with these beautiful matching table side trash can and ruler! Yay! So cute!
Pop-up Trash can
Crafter's Essential Ruler

Thank you for joining us once again! It is truly a joy sharing all of these amazing crafting products here with you. Anything here that interests you? Let us know by calling the store or ordering online!
 This is just a tip of the ice burg on what we have just gotten in!! Wait until you come in and check out all that we have here at the Doodlebug. Also, click the links in the blog and you will go directly to our online website where our Scrapbooking, card making and other craft making supplies are all ON-LINE, so you can shop in your jammies if you want too!!

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