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Friday, January 27, 2012

Look Out French Lick...the Scrapbookers are in town!!

We are having such a great time at the French Lick Retreat!!! Our classes are almost full and the ladies here are bust'in pages out left and right!!!

 Here is the booth in all of its glory!!!  It is always so hard to tell what to bring or how much!! 

Here are a few of our Evansville gals....hard at work scrappin'!  If you look close you might just see the baby arms!  (that is totally an inside joke, but I knew a few of you would enjoy it!)

Here are a few of our more local gals...look at how organized MaryLou is!!!  Here table is so nice and neat- you can't even see mine when I work!

Don't let these sweet smiles fool you!!  :)  I can guarante that some AWESOME layouts will come out of these two tables!!   Maybe they will let me post some later.

These 3 are a hoot!!!  I love hearing all of the giggles coming from their table area...and they have the BEST snack selection...so I tend to go and visit them a lot!

Well that is all for tonight from French Lick...gotta run- we are going to go and hit the slots a little before we call it a night!
Happy Scrappin'

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