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Friday, May 4, 2012

National Scrapbook Day is My Fav. Day!!!

I {heart} me some NSD deals...and boy do we have some!!!  Melanie and i have spent the entire day putting out new products, building new displays, and marking down items to put them on SALE!!!  We have marked down literally HUNDREDS of items today!!  The clearance section is RESTOCKED~and there is some GREAT stuff back there~ the bargain bins are over flowing with $1 and $2 Deals and the "door buster" deals are tagged and ready to go! 

If this doesn't make you happy enough....here are a few pictures to entice you even more!  ENJOY and we will see you tomorrow at 10am!!   (OK- I am SO SORRY...I cannot figure out how to get my vertical pics to show up vertical...it automatically made them that way!!!  Just tilt your head a little- It will be worth it :))

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