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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's May...and that means GRADUATION TIME!!!

Graduation time is here!! 

Let us help to make your Party Pinterest PERFECT!!!  We have what you need to create a few cards or a party full of decorations.
 We have some great ideas for you! Check them out!

Just a few ideas from Taylored Expressions I found for you !!

Click here to see our GRADUATION themed products!

Want some really QUICK Cards?
We have Graduation cards in our Local School Colors! We have  Red, Blue, Gold, Green and Blue.

These GRADUATION CAP CARDS will be the perfect quick card for all your Grads this year!

We have embelishments and calligraphy pens to decorate your caps this year to make that cap YOURS!

For graduation Party Decorations ideas, we can help you create the perfect memory piece!!

Wood Letters and Paint and Paint Pens!

Canvas, Paint pens, Paint, Pens and Markers

Want to make an EASY Banner?  Simply use some printed paper and plain cardstock!!

Banner Idea

No time you cut your own banners?  Not a problem!!  We have lots of PRE-CUT Banners here!!  

Chalkboard painted banners

We hope this helps to spark your imagination!!!  
You can check out our Pinterest Graduation Board to see even more Party Ideas!!

Hope to see you soon here at The Doodlebug 
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