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Saturday, January 20, 2018

CHA/ Creativation Day 1

So we have been here for FIVE DAYS, but this was our first day on the actual show floor!  We were on the trade show floor hitting the booths from 10-6 today!  WHAT A CRAZY LONG DAY!  Trust me, I'm not complaining!

To keep you up to speed as to what is going on...here are just a  few things we checked out today!

First up- these neat DIY frames and decor pieces.  We got 6 different ones and we think you will LOVE THEM!!  They are from Clear Scraps, which is a company that we have not ordered from in many years, so it will be great to have them back in the store!

Now this next one is REALLY COOL.  This is a stackable rolling caddy from Deflecto and we have been wanting to bring it in for awhile now.  We were able to sit down with them today and get an AMAZING deal....which we want to pass along!  We will be adding this to the pre-order email that we are sending out, so DON'T MISS OUT on this great offer!!

Of course we stopped by to see Steve at Foundations and boy oh boy...he did not disappoint! 

Here are all of the new barrels!  LOVE THEM!  I think my favorite are  carrots!  I just love those!!

4 new ones have been added!
Another company that we have not ordered from in years that REALLY unpressed us was Spellbinder!  I plan to  go back tomorrow and get some better pictures of the display to share with you, but here are a few samples to show you!!  

AND- for those of you that have a GoPress and Foil, well they came out with their own line too!  That means more choices for us!!

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