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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Small But MIGHTY- Little tools that make your life Easier!

Tools that EVERY Crafter really Should Have!!

Have you taken a class before to find out about a simple, little, inexpensive tool, and you were SHOCKED that you didn't even KNOW about it!!

This post will cover LOTS of those hidden gems!


Why am I not using that?

At least that is what you will be asking yourself that after you check out how these will benefit you in your crafting endevors! 

Why do you need a metal shim to use with your big shot?

If you use intricate dies....you really need one of these.  Your dies will cut like BUTTER...and you can also cut other mateirals like FOAM too!!

How often have you made a beautiful card...to then get your finger print on it because you had ink on your hand??  I do that ALL THE TIME!!
We sell about one of these a day...that is a big deal for us!!

MONO Sand Eraser. Natural rubber latex and silica grit eraser removes colored pencil and ink marks, including ballpoint, rollerball and some marker. Environmentally friendly, produced with all natural materials, with 100% recycled pulp sleeve.

Did you stick something down, and now you have changed your mind?  DId your sticker have a mind of its own and it just jumjped on the page too soon?  Now what?  Un-Du will do just that...Un-do it!!

This is a go to for adhesive problems and it will remove almost anything adhesive without damaging what you are working on.

This works great on tape runner to get any adhesive off your page that you may have over glued or it it was too big for your smaller project.  As you use the eraser and it gets "gummed up" you just snip off that edge with your scissors!  LOVE IT!  (Now, this does not work with liquid glue)

Tape for your dies and for masking areas
Purple Tape 

 Purple Tape and Post-it Roll are both strong, but low tack enough that they hold your dies in place while you are cutting.  I hate it when my dies shift and I ruin my paper and have to re-cut!!  

 Micro Adhesive

Micro Adhesive....this has to be the most OVER LOOKED glue in the section...but it is one of the best!!  N ow, youdon't use it all the time, but when you have smaller items and embellishments- THIS IS MY GO TO RUNNER!!  It is a refill that will work in any of the Scrapbook Adhesive runners that we carry, so if you have one of those already- YOU NEED to add this to your adhesive collection!

I hope this has helped to solve some of those little crafting dilemmas you may have!!

We have many more things that will work for you and your projects. Come check them out and see what you would like to stock up on for your craft room!!

The Doodlebug 

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