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Monday, June 11, 2018

Take a Turnabout with these Concord & 9th Stamp sets!

These Stamps "turn the tables" on stamping. These stamps have a unique interlocking, or rather inter"stamping" stamp design to help you create amazing patterns.

 I know they blew my mind when Hannah first explained how they worked to me! Truly awesome designs you create and do so much with, with just one stamp set! It is amazing. Thank you cards, to just a hello cards, and cards to send with a lovily message to a Friend. I think that in this day and age cards like that are extra special, especially when you make them yourself.  AND- who doesn't enjoy getting HAPPY MAIL!

So we know there have been a lot- ok a BUNCH- of you that have been asking for another video.  Here you go!!  Enjoy another technique/instructional video brought to you by Hannah!! Check it out as she shows you how to use these stamps. She is also be featuring the Very wonderful Katherine Pooler Inks.  (of course because those are the only ones she is using right now...other than distress and dirstress oxides.  She made sure I added that, because she still loves those too, but for different reasons)

So these stamp sets below are the one that we currently have, but you know us!  We will be getting more AND we can special order any that you may be interested in. 
Flower stamp set

Triangle stamp set

Sunshine Turnabout stamap set

Oh, Hello Stamp set

I thought this was really a cool idea you can use this with the Jillbean soup shaker cards as well!

Dahila Stamp Set

Well that was very fun to share! I hoped you Enjoyed it as well. So for this and all your other crafting needs we will be here crafting away sharing tips,tricks and what is NEW, HOT and interesting.

The Doodlebug Inc.

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