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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Whats new Wednesday

What's New Wednesday!

Hello Everyone and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!  If you haven't been in lately, here is a little update for you!   Check them out and as always if you NEED to add some of these new items to your crafting stash, let us know or order them online!


Here we have the New Misti Stamping tool for you! Really an amazing tool to add to your stamping endeavors. This tool gives you the ability to easily do techniques that you can't do with an acrylic block alone...especially if you like to do the new layer stamps OR is you ever MISS STAMP and image! 

Misti Stamping tool

Below is a Video of 10 ways you can use the Misti stamping tool.

Happy Frame XL - Elizabeth Crafts Die

Big Ballon

Heart and paw

Found this picture on Elizabeth crafts blog page

Found this picture on Elizabeth crafts website
I hope you love these Ideas just remember that you can get these items that are featured right here at The Doodlebug. We can even order something for you as long as supplies last. So we cannot wait to see you here for your next visit on your crafting ventures.

The Doodlebug

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