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Thursday, August 23, 2018

What's New Wednesday

Who's Ready for this week's 

New Kiwi Lane Organization

 Really this so great! It can be a struggle keeping those little cut outs organized. Plus, we don't want to loss them and we don't want to search for hours for that one that will complete our project we are working on!

Totally Tiffany has a GREAT organization System for Kiwi Lane

Totally Tiffany Organizers Desk Maid Die, Stamp and Supply Organizer

The above is also PERFECT for Project Life Scrapbooking too!!

If you want something that is a little more portable for your Kiwi Lane, then try the Storage Boxes from Totally Tiffany.  

Totally Tiffany Mix and Match Storage Cards

Totally Tiffany/ Kiwi Lane Designer Template Organizer

This box fits perfectly in those popular rolling carts too!!

We also added another great storage organizer from Totally Tiffany.  
It is perfect for ink pads, markers, pens and stickles!!


These are 2 different papers below isn't that awesome!



Found on best paper blog

Doodlebug Design
All pictures found on  doodlebugblog
These are really so adorable and I love these ideas
Hang In There-Doodlebug Doodle-Pops 3D Stickers

Taco-Bout Fun- Doodlebug Doodle-Pops 3D Stickers

                   EXPANDED Gina K Section!

That was a lot of new...and you know we have more than what we have posted here!!  
Be sure to stop in soon to see all the latest and greatest! We have a lot to be excited about and the boxes just keep coming!! (Job security for me!)
 Thank you to all of you all that have been in to check out all these things and for your support. No worries- we will keep getting all these amazing crafts in for you, but as always, let us know if there is ever anything in particular that you are looking for! 

The Doodlebug

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